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To ensure eye health, when looking to buy high-end contact lenses, you need to pay attention to issues such as: nearsightedness, suitable lens color, dilatation of lens as well as choosing the reputation of contact lens brand.

Nowadays, the Vietnamese market has many small and large brands of contact lenses, perse in type and origin. In addition to reputable brands, the market also has many follow-up brands that tend to be rampant, not ensuring the right consultation process will make it difficult for you to choose good and safe contact lenses. So in this article, Angel Eyes will introduce you to the best and most prestigious contact lens brands, helping you to refer to choosing the right model for your myopic eyes.


One of the most prestigious and high-class contact lenses today precious is Angel Eyes Contact Lens. Angel Eyes' products are imported directly from Korea, have safety certificates from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, are trusted by many customers during 7 years of operation. Currently, other brands of contact lenses only apply warranties within 3-7 days from the date of purchase. At Angel Eyes, in addition to ensuring the origin and quality, the high-end contact lens products here are also warranted for the first 2 weeks to ensure the interests of customers. This is the biggest difference between Angel Eyes Contact Lens and other brands.

Here, you will be consulted by Angel Eyes' friendly and dedicated staff on good models and suitable for your own style. In addition, Angel Eyes also support instructions about of wearing contact lens for those who are new to wearing them for the first time, only from 10-30 minutes, you can wear lenses proficiently.

About Angel Eyes Contact Lens

Upcoming, in September 2020, Angel Eyes will officially distribute high-end myopia and astigmatism contact lenses, as well as free eye measurement services for customers with safe and modern equipment. Customers with myopia and astigmatism have more reasons to choose this leading brand.

Some outstanding products of Angel Eyes Contact Lens

MaterialThe wearing timeCharacteristicThe expiry date
Contact Lens for 1 dayH.E.M.A6-8 hours/timesDo not dry out the eyesone time
Silicone Hydrogel Contact LensSilicone Hydrogel12-24 hours/dayThinner and more oxygen permeability3-6 months
Polyhema Contact LensPolyhema6-8 hours/dayThis is a thin colored contact lens3-6 months

Prices of contact lens at Angel Eyes:

Clear Contact Lens$8,52
Clear Myopic Contact Lens$3,41
Colored Myopic Contact Lens (wearing 8 hours/day) $10,66
Silicone Hydrogel Myopic Contact Lens (24 hours/day) $14,92


There are already good, famous contact-lens brands from Korea, then of course, it is difficult to ignore contact lens brands of the country of Manga - Japan. The most prominent among them is Seed – a quite familiar name to young Vietnamese.

A contact lens model of Seed

  • Strengths: Specializing in short-term high-end contact lenses (1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks) with Japanese quality.
  • Weaknesses: Not perse in models, colors, diameters. Also, there is no contact lens for 6 months or 1 year.
  • Price: $2,98 / pair of 1-day contact lenses.


Vassen is one of the oldest contact lens brands in Korea. Coming to the Vietnamese market, Vassen brings contact lenses at affordable and friendly prices. Vassen used to be very prominent in the Vietnamese market when it first launched with many branches opening in major malls. Currently, Vassen is progressively reducing its branch network to a single facility in Dao Duy Tu, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Strengths: The quality of Vassen Contact Lens is generally quite good compared to the common ground, with many perse models, the price is only about 8,52 $, so it will be extremely suitable for students.
  • Weaknesses: However, a small minus point for Vassen Contact Lens is that this brand has a lot of fakes on the market. Therefore, when choosing to buy contact lenses from this brand, you need to carefully consider the reputation of that point of sale.
  • Selling price: $10,66- $12,79


Some models of Vassen


Today, Doll Eyes is not only a reputable lens seller but has become a top brand choice when buying contact lenses of young people in the Vietnamese market. Currently, Doll Eyes has dozens of branches spread across the country ready to serve the beauty needs with contact lenses of young people.

  • Strengths: Nice branch store system spread all over the country. Standard Korean products, following modern trends.
  • Weaknesses: Doll Eyes' contact lens products are often commented on as being too outstanding, the price is quite high for the common ground. The quality and consulting services of Doll Eyes are not appreciated by customers for their enthusiasm and thoughtful support for buyers.
  • Selling price: $10,66 - $14,92

Contact Lens of Doll Eyes


It is one of the emerging brands in the market today. Caras pursues a brand image of medical contact lenses, safe for young people. Currently, Caras are making very fast steps into the top of the prestigious contact-lens brands in Vietnam market. The models and colors of Caras contact lenses are often towards natural tones, easy to use and do not have many highlights.

  • Strengths: All product lines of this brand are also rated well for the softness and durability of the lens. At the same time, it does not cause discomfort or dry eyes for users.
  • Weaknesses: The price is quite high ($25,57 - $34,10) compared to the common ground. Therefore, Caras products are often difficult to reach young Vietnamese people. With a cost of $8,52 - $17,05, young people absolutely have many other more suitable options. Besides, Caras' strict warranty is also a minus point for this brand.
  • Selling price: $25,57- $34,10

angel eyes shop
Contact Lens of Caras


Lens Nice is a Japanese contact lens brand in Vietnam. Lens Nice's contact lens models always carry the trend of personality, breaking the way. With a chain of 20 modern contact lens stores, Lens Nice always gives customers a premium experience in the world of contact lenses.

  • Strengths: Lens Nice's products are like a breath of fresh air to attract young people's favorite, with outstanding and liberal colors. In addition, the affordable price and dynamic and modern store space are also big plus points that customers give Lens Nice.
  • Weaknesses: Because Lens Nice's product models have a modern trend, the lens color is quite prominent, customers who need a natural lens color will find it difficult to choose a suitable lens model in this brand.
  • Selling price: $12,79 - $17,05

Contact Lens of Lens Nice


Mat Viet Han is currently a reputable contact lens supplier in Saigon. Understanding the increasing demand for beauty and in order to create the best shopping and beauty conditions for customers, within just a few years, Mat Viet Han has successfully built a chain of professional contact lens showrooms in all the country.

  • Strengths: Mat Viet Han has many models of lenses of all colors and designs. You can freely choose the contact lens product suitable for any situation. Each product is taken care of by Mat Viet Han and invested in every detail to create conditions for customers to have the best product experience. This is the most special point that helps Mat Viet Han affirm its name in the contact lens market.
  • Weaknesses: Although there are many product models, it is still difficult for Mat Viet Han to reach many customers because of the high product cost. Besides, the product samples are often commented by customers as too outstanding and unnatural.
  • Selling price: $10,44 - $42,62

Mat Viet Han Brand


All Lens Young products originate from Korea. Lens Young fully implements all procedures related to import according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

  • Strengths: Lens Young won a lot of love from customers when creating a feeling of friendliness and comfort through enthusiastic advice. In addition, the prices of Lens Young's products are extremely reasonable for students.
  • Weaknesses: Currently, Lens Young has quite a few contact lens models for you to choose from. Besides, Lens Young has not introduced much information and product images for customers who want to refer to the online website.
  • Selling price: $10,65 - $17,05

Contact Lens of Lens Young


As one of the famous Thai lens brands in Vietnam market. The Look has quickly built up its position in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and Nha Trang areas.

  • Strengths: The Look's contact lens products are always loved by young people thanks to their perse designs and colors that catch up with young people's trends.
  • Weaknesses: In terms of price, The Look is quite expensive compared to the Thai lens market. Besides, The Look does not focus all its resources on contact lens products like other brands, so the product quality has not been appreciated by customers.
  • Selling price: $12,36- $21,27

Contact Lens of The Look


This is also an address that many people trust to buy contact lenses because of their perse designs, imported from Korea and Thailand.

  • Strengths: You can find a wide variety of lenses for various purposes, from everyday wear, makeup or lenses to photography... Especially transparent contact lenses. Thach Yen always makes efforts and tries to recognize and absorb the comments and wishes of consumers in order to improve and provide customers with quality products.
  • Weaknesses: Currently, Thach Yen mainly focuses on online sales channels. But because it has not been widely promoted, Thach Yen Contact Lens has not yet reached many consumers. Besides, due to online activities, Thach Yen cannot flexibly provide warranty for customers.
  • Selling price: $7,67- $12,79

More informations about Angel Eyes Contact Lens

Nowadays, one of the most popular places to buy eye drops and soaking water is Angel Eyes Contact Lens. Angel Eyes' eye drops and contact lens solution are all imported directly from Korea, have a safety certificate from the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, and are favored by millions of customers during 7 years of operation.

To order or have questions to answer, you can visit the homepage or call the hotline number 0932 004 221.

Let's save the information of Angel Eyes Contact Lens:

501 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: 8:30am - 9:00pm (Monday - Saturday) | 8:30am - 8:00pm (Sunday)

  • Hotline : 0932 004 221
  • Phone : 028 6264 7008
  • Website : www.angeleyes.vn
  • Fanpage : Angel Eyes Contact Lens
  • Instagram : @angeleyes.vn

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