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Framed glasses are indispensable for nearsighted people. However, in addition to helping to see better, framed glasses unintentionally cover beautiful eyes, as well as long-term wearing of glasses makes eyes prone to rabies and lethargy when removing glasses. Therefore, with aesthetic needs, many of you have gradually turned to wearing myopia lenses, also known as nearsighted contact lenses. There are always questions that most of you who are researching using close-up lenses will ask such as:

  1. Is it good to wear contact lenses?
  2. What kind of contact lens is good?
  3. How to use contact lenses?
  4. Price of contact lenses?
  5. Where to buy reputable contact lenses?

Let's discover the answer with Angel Eyes in this article!


Contact lens is a type of small, thin and curved lens, placed directly on the iris of the eye, used to assist in the treatment of eye defects such as: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism ... and used to create eye color different from the real eye color, helping to change the appearance and create a unique style for the wearer.

Lenses come in two types, hard and soft.

  • The hard type is often used to treat eye problems for a long time, and is specialized for people with severe refractive errors.
  • The soft type has a shorter use time: 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, … and brings a more comfortable feeling to the wearer.


You need to have your eyes checked before you buy contact lenses. A reputable eye exam location can be your local eye hospital or major eyewear stores in the area. In addition, some reputable contact lens stores now have eye measurement support on the scene.

Accurate eye measurements include:

Step 1: Specialized eye drops to soothe the eyes before measuring

Step 2: Measure your eyes with an optometrist. The machine will produce an eye measurement sheet with the following parameters: nearsighted, astigmatism, axis. This parameter is for reference only

Step 3: Check the correct eyesight with a test fixture based on the given optometry reference parameter

Step 4: Save the accurate nearsightedness information of the client on the examination sheet. This is your nearsightedness when wearing glasses

Framed glasses will usually be about 12mm from the eye, while contact lenses will get to close the eye. Therefore, when taking the degree for contact lenses, we need to reduce the nearsightedness from 0.25 to 0.5 degrees compared to the frame. This is the correct nearsightedness for contact lenses. However, you also need to consult an eye specialist or a reputable seller to get the right lens.


Absolutely do not use degrees on the measuring sheet of the optometer, thereby increasing the nearsightedness for contact lens. This is wrong and will cause eyes to feel dizzy or eyestrain due to taking the wrong level. Precise near-turbulence parameters can only be obtained after re-checking by test fixture.


cach phan biet mat lens

The picture depicts the right and wrong lens surface

The trick is to place the lens on your finger so that a cup is formed. Then hold the lens up directly in front of your eyes so you're looking at the side of the cup.

If the edges of the lens flare out to create a “lip” along the edges, it's inside out. If it forms just a perfect "U" shape, it's in the correct position.

Some contact lenses also have a laser marking, such as the brand name, on the edge to help you. If you can read it properly, the lens is not inside out.


The outside of the lens will be darker than the inner side that is pressed against the pupil


Nearsighted lenses are not only loved by young people, but also very popular with office workers, athletes, actors, … because of their aesthetics and extremely convenient.

For those of you wearing short-sighted lenses for the first time, you should only wear them for 2 hours a day, and gradually increase in the following days to make it easier for your eyes to adapt to myopia lenses.

You can wear nearsighted lenses every day, but you need to make sure to follow the time limit for each type of lens. The basic line of nearsighted lenses usually has a wearing time of 6-8 hours / day, made of Polyhema material. Currently, the market has added a line of high-end Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses with a softer and thinner structure, recommended by ophthalmologists, with a day time of up to 12-24 hours.

Wearing contact lenses will not cause any harm or side effects to your eyes, if you choose to buy close-up lenses in a reputable place, store and use lenses properly.


Currently, there are many types of nearsighted lenses on the market with diverse compositions, but they can all be grouped into two main material lines: Polyhema and Silicone Hydrogel.

The 1-day nearsighted lens line is packaged in a plastic blister - easier to transport and open the lens. Imported from Japan will be a great choice for those who need to wear short-term nearsighted lenses (bride, yearbook, ...). This is an extremely safe 1-day lens, blocking up to 99% of UV rays to the eyes, as soft as if not worn. The 1-day contact lens products with support from 0-6 myopia and deviation.

Colorless nearsighted lenses are a thin colorless lens made of super moisture Polyhema material usually packaged in a glass jar to keep you comfortable for 6-8 hours. Colorless lenses will be placed directly on your pupils to help you improve your vision, replacing thick glasses that lack aesthetics.

Polyhema Contact Lens is usually packaged in glass jar
Silicone Contact Lens is packaged in plastic blister

Colored polyhema myopic lenses

With Polyhema, this is a traditional near-color lens line that is usually packaged in glass jars. With body-friendly bio-plastic designed for short-term use from 6-8 hours/day. Polyhema mainly exchange gases through hydrated molecules (Water Content).

With contact lenses with high hydration (Water content > 50%), the eyes will more easily absorb oxygen, which means that the hydrated molecules will attract more tears. Therefore, it will not be suitable for people with dry cornea or eyes that regulate less tears. Users with normal eye glands will feel comfortable and wear them longer when using this lens line.

With contact lenses with low hydration (Water content <50%), the eye will absorb less oxygen but at the same time will also absorb less tears. Therefore, it will be suitable for people with dry cornea or low tear secretion. However, users with normal eye glands will easily feel dry when using this lens line.

Colored silicone myopic lenses

The newest product line today is the Silicone Hydrogel near-color lens packaged in a plastic blister - easier to transport and open the lens. With advanced materials that can self-impregnate oxygen without depending on water crystals. Whether you're new to wearing, or have used many types of nearsighted lenses, the Silicone Hydrogel myopia lens is the perfect choice with outstanding features that are superior to normal myopia lenses:

Ultra-thin lens structure, 7 times more oxygen permeable than normal lenses, minimizing dry eyes caused by contact lenses. UV protection protects eyes. Wear time up to 12-24 hours/day. No need eye drops too much like regular contact lenses.

You can experience this nearsighted lens line at Angel Eyes Contact Lens for only 300,000 - 350,000 VND.

With the desire that customers can experience the line of high-class myopia lenses at extremely favorable prices, unlike some other units, the price of Silicone is too high (from 600,000 - 700,000 VND). Angel Eyes has been receiving a lot of attention and support from customers for this affordable superior product.


Currently, the Vietnamese market has many types of myopia lenses with diverse origins: Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, USA, … In which, contact lenses imported from Korea usually have good quality and stable price, it is very popular in Vietnam market.

Genuine high-end myopia contact lenses have many types:

Colorless nearsighted lenses: Price ranges from 150,000 to 300,000 VND

Nearsighted lenses to 1 day: Price ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 VND

Colored nearsighted lenses (wearing up to 8 hours/day): Price ranges from 200,000 to 250,000 VND

Silicone Hydrogel near-color lenses (wearable 12h-24h/day): Price ranges from 300,000 - 500,000. The individuals can be up to 600,000 - 800,000 VND

Price of contact lenses at Angel Eyes:

Colorless contact lenses: Price 200,000 VND

Contact lenses 1 day: Price 80,000 VND

Colored contact lenses (up to 8 hours/day): Price 230,000 VND

Silicone Hydrogel myopia lens (wearable for 12-24 hours/day): Price 300,000 VND

Depending on your needs and purposes, you can choose the right type of contact lens.

Summary of Angel Eyes' nearsighted lenses from low to high prices:

https://angeleyes.vn/collections/ Kinh-ap-trong-can-thi

Comes with many gifts and promotions


How to wear contact lenses

• Should wear contact lenses before makeup, if the powder accidentally falls into the eyes, gently pick up the cotton swab and remove the dust, and at the same time drop the eyes, avoid making small water run out, it will wash away the makeup.

• Before putting contact lenses in your eyes, you should drop eye drops, or put 1 drop into the lens to keep it moist, making it easier for the lens to stick to your eyes. Do not skip the step of eye drops for lenses, because eye drops when wearing lenses can help clean your eyes if accidentally dust gets in. At the same time, eye drops for lens wearers also help balance moisture for both eyes and lenses.

• If you do not have a contact lens device, you need to wash your hands thoroughly and do not let your fingernails come into contact with the lens, use only the flesh of your finger to wear the lens (to avoid scratching the cornea or tearing the lens).

How to remove contact lenses

• Before removing contact lenses, you should add 1-2 drops in each eye to re-moisturize the cornea & contact lenses.

• If you do not have a lens removal tool, you need to wash your hands thoroughly and do not let your nails come into contact with the lens, only use the flesh of your finger to remove the lens (to avoid scratching the cornea or tearing the lens).

• After removing contact lenses, add 1-2 drops on each side to re-hydrate eyes. At this time, other eye drops can be instilled.

• Contact lenses, when removed from the eye, should be immediately placed in a lens tray containing fresh soaking solution. You should make it a habit to put your contact lenses in the correct L or R tray for each left or right eye. This is especially important for those who wear contact lenses with the deviation between the eyes.

Instruction wearing lens by Hot Girl Lilly Luta ♥

How to take care of the contact lens?

If myopia is skewed, notice on the lens tray cover the letters L (Left), and R (RRight). Just put the contact lens on the right side.

• When removing contact lenses from the vial/blister, the lenses should be soaked for at least 4 hours in the soaking solution to remove the preservative in the water from the contact lens vial/blister.

• If you feel your eyes are dirty like dust, you should immediately change the soaking water and remove the lens and wash it thoroughly. You can wash contact lenses with a lens washer. However, in the case don’t have lens washer, you can wash your hands, put some soaking solution and contact lens in the palm of your hand and use your other finger to gently dust off the lens.

• Absolutely don’t wash the eye lens with soap, the lens will not be used anymore.

• After each time you wear contact lenses, you should change the soaking water, always keep the soaking water clean & clear, because if there is dirt and dust, the lens will be very easily scratched. In case you do not use contact lenses every day, you also need to pay attention to change the soaking water every other day to ensure hygiene.


What are contact lens accessories?
In addition to choosing a contact lens that suits your needs, choosing the accessories is an indispensable thing. These accessories not only help preserve and maintain the life of your contact lenses, but also play an important role in keeping your eyes clean and safe when wearing lenses.
If you are still wondering what a full set of accessories includes, let's find out with Angel Eyes Contact Lens in the following article!!

The Contact Lens Solution

The contact lens solution or we often call soaking water is a solution to soak lenses and is used to wash contact lenses, disinfect, lubricate and remove proteins. Contact lens solution is a very necessary product when using contact lenses, with the effect of cleaning, protecting the lens, avoiding bacteria. Helps to keep contact lenses in the best condition, prevents dry eyes, ensures safety and prolongs the life of lenses.

The solution to soak the lens plays an extremely important role in the preservation and use of contact lenses, we cannot preserve the lens without water to soak the lens or use other liquids to replace the soaking water!

The Eye Drops

Eye drops for contact lenses are specialized contact lenses to provide moisture to the eyes, helping you not to get tired or dry eyes. In addition, the solution also has the ability to moisten contact lenses during use.

Drop your eyes before wearing glasses to wash away the dust in your eyes first, in case you wear glasses and get uncomfortable. And drop the eye drops before removing the glasses, in case your eyes are dry, causing the glasses to dry, when removed, it is easy to stick to the glasses or damage the glasses.

Lens Tray

Mirror tray with contact lens storage function, more convenient when you can take your contact lenses anywhere.

khay lens

Lens tray and lens wearing tools

Lens wearing tools

Lens tweezers: each part of the tweezers has rubber to avoid scratching or tearing the lens.
Lens stick is also attached with a rubber tip, which helps prevent bacteria from entering the lens, causing keratitis for the eyes.

Lens washer

After using your contact lenses for a period of time or when the lenses get dirty, you should clean the lenses again by simply putting the lenses in the lens washer, which is completely hygienic and also prolongs the life of your lenses

may rua lens


The Contact Lens Solution

Every time you buy a new pair of contact lenses (monthly lenses), empty the water in the lens jar/macro, and soak the lenses in the soaking water for 4-6 hours. This will make the lens softer and smoother to wear.

After each lens wear, you should change the soaking water to your contact lenses with a new one, always keep the water clean and clear, because if there is dirt and dust, the lens will be easily scratched.

In case you do not use the lens every day, pay attention to change the contact lens solution every other day (2-3 days to change 1 time) to keep it clean.

The expiry date of contact lens solution is 3 months from the date of opening. Do not use when the contact lens soak water has expired, at this time the contact lens water will no longer have the effect of disinfecting and preserving the lenses, causing adverse effects on the eyes and lenses.

When there is no the soaking water, we can use specialized contact lens drops to replace them when needed and then quickly find a new contact lens solution.

.dung dịch ngâm kính áp tròng Angel Eyes

The Angel Eye Care Contact Lens Solution

The Eye Drops

While wearing lenses, you should use eye drops when wearing lenses every 1-2 hours to help moisturize the lens and eyes.

You should use eye drops before removing the lens to lubricate your eyes, limit damage in case the lens is dry, and better protect your eyes and lenses.

After removing the lens, you must use eye drops for to moisturize and soothe the eyes.

dung dịch nhỏ mắt kính áp tròng Angel Eyes

The Angel Eyes Care Eye Drops


1. Is it okay to wear lenses to sleep?

=> Do not wear lenses to sleep even though the type of lens you are using is a 24h Silicone Hydrogel. Because during sleep, your eyes will need to relax and actively exchange oxygen after a day of "hard work". Wearing contact lenses overnight will impede this process, as well as the dirt deposited on the lens throughout the day, which will be an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

2. Is wearing a nearsighted lenses harmful?

=> Wearing lenses will not cause any harm or side effects to your eyes, if you choose lenses in a reputable store and use lenses properly.

3. Is it okay to wear expired lenses?

=> Wearing expired lenses will cause many serious consequences for the eyes including: allergies, conjunctivitis, corneal erosion... Should buy a new pair of contact lenses right away!

4. How to preserve the lens when there is no water to soak?

=> In case when going out and there is no soaking water to preserve contact lenses, you can use eye drops to soak the lenses. Then look to buy soaking water at major eyewear stores and pharmacies in the area to buy it right away.

5. What is the expiry date of contact lenses after opening the seal?

=> Usually 1 year. However, Angel Eyes always recommends that you only use up to 50% of the shelf life of the lenses since opening.

6. How old can be wear contact lenses?

=> This one, you don't need to worry. Age has no effect on the ability to wear contact lenses. The most important thing is how to properly store and care for the lens. Angel Eyes always encourages customers aged 16 and over to use contact lenses because at this age we will be more conscious of eye health protection, as well as have more knowledge about eyes and contact lenses.

7. Can use the dry and hard lenses?

=> The answer is NO! Because now a lot of the water crystals that help make up the lens's plasticity are dead. Re-soaking your contact lenses to soften and put them back on will make your eyes feel uncomfortable at the contact points where the water crystals have died. As well as the gas exchange rate of the lens has also been greatly reduced.


One of the most popular places to buy nearsighted lenses today is Angel Eyes Contact Lens. Angel Eyes products are imported directly from Korea, have the safety certificate of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, are favored by millions of customers during 7 years of operation.

Here, in addition to all lens/contact lens models available with myopia, you can also be consulted by Angel Eyes' friendly and dedicated staff on models that suit your own style. In addition, Angel Eyes also supports contact lens wearing instructions for those who are new to wearing them for the first time, only from 10-30 minutes, you can wear lenses proficiently.

In addition, Angel Eyes also offers door-to-door delivery (within the day) nationwide when you need to buy lenses in central districts, including Go Vap, Binh Tan, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, ...

With a nationwide branch network, Angel Eyes is ready to serve and help your eyes become brighter and more beautiful.

For all customers who use contact lens products at Angel Eyes, the company supports 1 to 1 warranty support for defective products from the manufacturer in the first 2 weeks. During the use process, Angel Eyes always monitors and enthusiastically cares for and guides customers. With these benefits, Angel Eyes is a reputable lens store that you cannot ignore!

Let's save the information of Angel Eyes:

501 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Opening hours: 8:30am - 9:00pm (Monday - Saturday) | 8:30am - 8:00pm (Sunday)

Hotline: 0932 004 221

Phone: 028 6264 7008

Website: www.angeleyes.vn

Fanpage: Angel Eyes Contact Lens

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