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In the colorful world of contact lenses, gray contact lenses are always in the top of the lens colors that "lens addicts" seek.

Contact lens with gray tone is a "hard to wear" and "picky face" color. However, just cleverly combining according to Angel Eyes' secret, you will definitely fall in love with this color right there!

Depending on the needs and purposes of use, you can choose gray contact lens which is suitable for you!


Gray Contact Lens has dark to light tones

Contact Lens with gray tone are not difficult to wear at all if you know how to choose and combine them skillfully with each type of make-up. Let's take a look at the gray contact lens that are catching trends like:

Smoke-Gray Contact Lens

Smoke gray contact lens has natural gray tone, neutral color, moderately prominent, but still in the safe zone.


Russian Gray - Smoke Gray Contact Lens

Blue-gray Contact Lens

Similar to lens color above, the blue gray contact lens is an outstanding gray contact which main tone is gray with a blue lens grain effect. The blue-gray contact lens creates a striking highlight to help your eyes have the same eye color tone as a Western native.


Cupid Gray - Blue Gray Contact Lens

If you are looking for a contact lens with natural gray tone, you can refer to the following natural gray tones:

Dark-gray Contact Lens

The dark gray contact lens, also known as an ash gray contact lens. This color is a great choice for girls who want to change their natural eye color tone to get a natural gray tone with an innocent baby look but no less "stand out" compared to others.


Emerald Gray - Black Gray Contact Lens

Natural Western-Gray Contact Lens

Talking about transforming the eyes to attract the opposite person, it is impossible not to mention the contact lens with natural western gray tone. A face made up with this lens will make everyone fall in love with your personality highlights.

Venus Gray - Natural Western Gray Contact Lens

Clear-Gray Contact Lens

Different from the western gray contact lens, the clear gray lens is a new line of lenses with a clear gray color that makes your eyes sparkle and supernatural. With a natural gray tone, the clear gray contact lens will give your eyes a special poetic look.


Sola Gray - Natural Gray Contact Lens

Brown-gray Contact Lens

You are looking for a model that can create a special harmonious highlight, right? Surely, the brown gray contact lens will definitely make you satisfied because of the unique and harmonious combination. The brown gray contact lens gives you a particularly aristocratic look, a fresh feeling that will attract attention in important events or parties.


Fruit Punch - Brown Gray Contact Lens


The following tips will help you easily choose the suitable gray contact lens

The Veins Of Contact Lens

The low-vein gray contact lens has the feature of exalting the inherent naturalness of the eyes, only changing the eye color with small color points, blending into the eyes smoothly and gently.

The many-vein gray contact lens brings sharper and more impressive eyes to the wearer, with interwoven textures, depending on the type of lens, your eyes will become attractive with each feature.

Rebel Gray (top) and Cupid (bottom)

The Color Contact Lens

Let's consult with Angel Eyes Contact Lens for make-up tips suitable for gray contact lens!


Lens xám tây Angel Eyes
Snowball Gray

If you are on a team with little makeup (outside only applying a little foundation, light eye color and lipstick), you should choose natural gray-brown, black-gray.

And if you care a lot for your appearance, you like to look outstanding and impressive, then the blue gray, smoky gray,.. Contact lens are the perfect choice!

Lens xám tây Angel Eyes
Snowflake Gray

Lens xám tây Angel Eyes

In case you need a pair of contact lenses with natural gray tone, don't be alarmed when the color of the lens (before you put them on your eyes) seems pale and bright. With modern color spraying technology, these color areas will blend into your eyes very gently. The color of the lens is only accurate when tested on the eyes, so you can rest assured. ♥

If you buy online:

  • If you have selected model A, you need to ask the staff to show you 3-4 more photos of customers wearing model A, close-up photos of model A, etc., so that you can easily visualize and have the most comprehensive view of the lens model that you need to buy.
  • It is necessary to clearly provide your true eye color to the counselor (your eyes are light brown, or dark brown, etc.) because the lens on light brown eyes will be brighter than dark brown eyes.
  • Need to say clearly whether you like the vein of lens a lot, or a little bit.
  • Provide nearsightedness and astigmatism (if any) so that the staff can advise you more accurately (because there are some contact lens that do not have myopia).

If you buy at the store:

  • Tell the counselor information such as:

- You like natural gray, or striking gray.

- Do you like lenses with many veins, or few veins?

- Provide nearsightedness and astigmatism (if any) so that staff can advise you more accurately (because there are some models that do not have myopia).

  • You can ask the staff to try the lens samples of the prosthetic eye model so that you can see the lens directly before deciding to buy (please note not to try the sample lens directly on your eye).

Model of false eyes for testing lenses and some contact lenses at Angel Eyes Contact Lens


Currently, there are many types of gray contact lenses with perse origins: Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, USA, etc. In which, gray contact lenses, are imported from Korea, usually have good quality and stable price, so they are very popular in Vietnam.

Prices on gray contact lens of Angel Eyes:

  • Gray Contact Lens for 1 day: 3,40 $/pair
  • Gray Contact Len with Polyhema material (wearing up to 8 hours/day): 10,63 $/pair
  • Gray Contact Lens with Silicone Hydrogel material (wearable for 12-24 hours/day): 14,88 $/pair

Depending on the needs and purposes of use, you can choose the suitable gray contact lens.


  • Wash your hands before wearing contact lenses

  • Open the tray and pour the new contact lens solution into the tray

  • Open the lens holder and take the contact lenses into the tray. The first time you use it, you should soak it for 4-6 hours before wearing it to remove any remaining preservatives

  • Eye drops to disinfect and remove dust before and after wearing the lenses

  • Before wearing, gently shake the lens to prevent water from forming, place the lens on the tip of the index finger so that the rim does not stick to the hand.

  • Identify the correct lens face before wearing.

  • Pull the eyelids with two middle fingers, bring the lens to the eyes, raise the eyes upwards. Do not roll your eyes, focus on one point. Put the lens on the eye, the lens will hug itself to the pupil.



Instructions for wearing lenses with pictures


  • Should wear contact lenses before makeup, if the powder accidentally falls into the eyes, gently pick up the cotton swab and remove the dust, and at the same time drop the eyes, avoid making small water run out, it will wash away the makeup.
  • Before putting contact lenses in your eyes, you should drop eye drops, or put 1 drop into the lens to keep it moist, making it easier for the lens to stick to your eyes. Do not skip the step of eye drops for lenses, because eye drops when wearing lenses can help clean your eyes if accidentally dust gets in. At the same time, eye drops for lens wearers also help balance moisture for both eyes and lenses.
  • If you do not have a contact lens device, you need to wash your hands thoroughly and do not let your fingernails come into contact with the lens, use only the flesh of your finger to wear the lens (to avoid scratching the cornea or tearing the lens).


  • Before removing contact lenses, you should add 1-2 drops in each eye to re-moisturize the cornea & contact lenses.
  • If you do not have a lens removal tool, you need to wash your hands thoroughly and do not let your nails come into contact with the lens, only use the flesh of your finger to remove the lens (to avoid scratching the cornea or tearing the lens).
  • After removing contact lenses, add 1-2 drops on each side to re-hydrate eyes. At this time, other eye drops can be installed.
  • Contact lenses, when removed from the eye, should be immediately placed in a lens tray containing fresh soaking solution. You should make it a habit to put your contact lenses in the correct L or R tray for each left or right eye. This is especially important for those who wear contact lenses with the deviation between the eyes.




Instructions for removing lens with pictures


If myopia is skewed, notice on the lens tray cover the letters L (Left), and R (Right). Just put the contact lens on the right side.

  • When removing contact lenses from the vial/blister, the lenses should be soaked for at least 4 hours in the soaking solution to remove the preservative in the water from the contact lens vial/blister.
  • If you feel your eyes are dirty like dust, you should immediately change the soaking water and remove the lens and wash it thoroughly. You can wash contact lenses with a lens washer. However, in the case don’t have lens washer, you can wash your hands, put some soaking solution and contact lens in the palm of your hand and use your other finger to gently dust off the lens.
  • Absolutely don’t wash the eye lens with soap, the lens will not be used anymore.
  • After each time you wear contact lenses, you should change the soaking water, always keep the soaking water clean & clear, because if there is dirt and dust, the lens will be very easily scratched. In case you do not use contact lenses every day, you also need to pay attention to change the soaking water every other day to ensure hygiene.



❣️ Please carefully refer to the information on the instructions for use, how to wear contact lenses safely, how to store and especially the time of use of the product you choose.

❣️ When you first start using you do not wear contact lenses for too long: For newbies, the first day you should only wear it up to 3-4 hours, Monday 4-5 am, Tuesday 5-6 am, from Wednesday 6-8 am. Later, when you get used to it, you should only wear contact lenses for that period of time to keep your eyes healthy.

❣️ If you are short sighted, pay attention to the letter L (Left) and R (Right) on the lens tray cover. Just put the lens on the right side

❣️ Absolutely do not use expired contact lenses, contact lenses are manufactured in many different product lines and each line will have a specific expiration date, some products are only used once and most of the time. Users choose products that can be used many times with a term of 1 month, 3 months or even a year.

❣️ Should be lowered to 0.25 - 0.5 degrees compared to wearing glasses to avoid being shocked when wearing lenses. But you need to clearly provide nearsightedness (and disorder, if any) for more detailed advice!

❣️ Stop wearing contact lenses immediately after experiencing symptoms such as red eyes, blurred vision, or discomfort and consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

❣️ Do not use tap water or filtered water to clean, soak and preserve contact lenses. Store in contact lens solution only.

❣️ Do not share contact lenses with anyone to ensure eye hygiene and safety.

❣️ Do not wear contact lenses when sleeping, do not wear contact lenses when swimming because the water contains many bacteria. Wearing contact lenses while swimming increases the risk of eye infections and gangrene.

❣️ Do not wear contact lenses when eye pain: Direct contact with the pupil, contact lenses can aggravate your eye pain.

❣️ Put on contact lenses before applying makeup to prevent eyeshadow or other makeup products from sticking to contact lenses.

❣️ For people with small eyes, you should not choose dilated lenses. You should buy lenses with a small DIA to make them easier to carry.


One of the most popular places to buy contact lenses today is Angel Eyes Contact Lens. Angel Eyes products are imported directly from Korea, have the safety certificate of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, are favored by millions of customers during 7 years of operation.

ANGEL EYES' Stote at 501 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

The Licence of Ministry Of Health Vietnam for all products at Angel Eyes Contact Lens

Here, in addition to all lens/contact lens models available with myopia, you can also be consulted by Angel Eyes' friendly and dedicated staff on models that suit your own style. In addition, Angel Eyes also supports contact lens wearing instructions for those who are new to wearing them for the first time, only from 10-30 minutes, you can wear lenses proficiently.

In addition, Angel Eyes also offers door-to-door delivery (within the day) nationwide when you need to buy lenses in central districts, including Go Vap, Binh Tan, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, ...

With a nationwide branch network, Angel Eyes is ready to serve and help your eyes become brighter and more beautiful.


For all customers who use contact lens products at Angel Eyes, the company supports 1 to 1 warranty support for defective products from the manufacturer in the first 2 weeks. During the use process, Angel Eyes always monitors and enthusiastically cares for and guides customers. With these benefits, Angel Eyes is a reputable lens store that you cannot ignore!

Let's save the information of Angel Eyes Contact Lens:

501 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Opening hours: 8:30am - 9:00pm (Monday - Saturday) | 8:30am - 8:00pm (Sunday)

Hotline: 0932 004 221

Phone: 028 6264 7008


Fanpage: Angel Eyes Contact Lens


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