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"The line of 1-day myopia contact lenses from the US, Korea, Japan will be a great choice for those who need to wear short-term lenses (Bride, photo shoot of a yearbook,...). This is an extremely safe 1-day contact lens, preventing up to 99% of UV rays to the eyes, as soft as if not wearing. The 1-day contact lens has a support level of 0-6 and deviation."

Contact lenses become a beauty accessory as well as replacing the familiar entangled thick glasses in daily life. Along with that is the variety of types of lenses.

Today, let's find out with Angel Eyes Contact Lens more details about this lens!


1-day contact lens, also known as disposable contact lens, is only used for one time.

There are two types of 1-day lenses: 1-day transparent contact lenses and 1-day colored contact lenses with color (both of those support for nearsightedness). Contact lenses that are worn for a day usually do not dry eyes because they are made of advanced H.E.M.A material with a thinner structure than regular monthly contact lenses, so they tend to be softer on the eyes, you will certainly feel very comfortable when wearing this lens.

When using contact lenses for 1 day, you will save a lot of time because just open the cap and you can wear it right away. What makes this lens line "score" is that you do not need to preserve the lens with a solution to soak the lens like a monthly contact lens.

As the name suggests, a 1-day lens is actually a type designed to be used only once, so after opening the seal can only be worn once (up to 6-8 hours), just need to wear it in once, no matter how long it is worn, it should be thrown away, not reused, it is best to wear it immediately after opening the seal.

Many people misunderstand that using contact lenses for 1 day does not need to use eye drops for the lens during the period of wearing glasses. That is totally WRONG!! Because it is a 1-day type and cannot be reused, it does not need to be soaked, but you still need to use the eye drops to prevent dryness and provide adequate moisture & oxygen to the eyes.



1-Day Contact Lens
Monthly Contact Lens
The short-term lens such the 1-day contact lens will be processed to be thinner, easy to tear and stain, only worn once and then discarded.
Contact lens with a longer shelf-life will withstand most cleaning and be more difficult to tear and scratch, while still ensuring the right thickness to wear without clumps, and also less dirt.
Cheap price and used for 6-8 hours
The price is higher, but can be used daily for one purchase. Reasonable for those who use it often.
In addition, there are now Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses that can be used for 24 hours.

Using it once and then throwing it away makes users sometimes subjective in removing lenses, cleaning their eyes, avoiding using lenses for too long during the day, which can easily cause unnecessary damage to the eyes.
It is completely safe to know how to clean, store and apply eye drops correctly


Depending on the purpose and needs of user, each person will choose different types of contact lenses.

1-day nearsighted contact lenses have low cost for the needs of up to 6-8 hours of use without soaking but still need to drop eyes. The cost of this contact lens is about 2,98 $ to 3,41 $. For those of you who use contact lenses regularly, just 3 times of using them, the price is already higher than a 1-year contact lens, which price at 10,65 $, but can be used many times. Even with the price of 4 pairs of 1-day contact lens, you can already buy a line of Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses.

Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses penetrate better oxygen and are quiet for 12-24 hours, also suitable for you who use contact lenses for a long time. Therefore, if you can take the time to preserve contact lenses, choosing Korean contact lenses for 1 year or Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses will bring better economic efficiency.

As for people who only need to use it once, disposable contact lenses as mentioned above are suitable choices because of their convenience and low cost. That is also the advantage of disposable lenses.


At Angel Eyes Contact Lens, you can refer to some 1-day contact lenses below:

DiameterMyopiaCurvature radiusMoistureExpiry DateOriginPrice
1-Day Angel Eyes Contact Lens14.0 mm0 - 68.6mm - 8.8mm58%1 dayKorea$3,41
1-Day Acuvue Moist Contact Lens14.2mm1 - 9 8.5mm - 9.0mm58%1 dayAmerica$3,58
1-Day Fruit Punch Contact Lens14.2 mm0 - 6 8.6 mm55%1 dayJapan$3,41
1-Day Lassie Contact Lens14.2 mm0 - 6 8.6 mm55%1 dayJapan$3,41
1-Day Cider Contact Lens14.2 mm0 - 6 8.6 mm55%1 dayJapan$3,41


The price of 1-day contact lenses usually ranges from $2,56 to $4,26/pair. You can refer to the N's COLLECTION contact lens imported directly from Japan, at ANGEL EYES for only $3,41/pair.

N's Collection 1-day contact lens samples at ANGEL EYES

If you like the natural, then Cider is the perfect choice with attractive mouse-gray tone.

More prominently, you can choose Lassie with smoky gray tone, or the extremely attractive Fruit Punch with western brown tone.

All 3 lens models have nearsightedness from 0-6 ♥

Cider - natural gray tone (left) and Lassie - western gray (right)

Fruit Punch - western brown tone

The N'S COLLECTION line of 1-day contact lenses is exclusively designed by designer Naomi Watanabe.

Naomi Watanabe was born in 1987 in Taiwan (mother's hometown) and grew up in Japan (father's hometown). Now living in Tokyo, she is known as an "Instagram Queen" with 8.7 million followers. Every post by Naomi has several hundred thousand, even millions of likes.

TIME magazine in 2018 also honored Naomi in the list of "25 most influential people on the Internet" along with other famous names such as BTS, Logan Paul or Rihanna.

Designer Naomi is wearing Lassie in the N'S COLLECTION

Image source: Instagram

References: NY Times, JP Times, Kenh14


Does the 1-day contact lens need to be soaked? Surely many of you will wonder, right? So here is the answer for you: When using myopia contact lenses for 1 day, you will not need to buy soaking water to preserve the lens, because after removing the lens, we will not be able to reuse it.

For those of you with dry eyes due to physical conditions, the eyes do not produce much tears so you need to use the eye drops to keep the sufficiently moisture.

  • Before wearing contact lenses, you should use eye drops in your eyes or put 1 drop in the lens to keep it moist, making it easier for the lens to stick to your eyes.
  • While wearing, should regularly use eye drops to keep both eyes and lenses moist, because if left too dry, the eyes will easily get itchy, tired, uncomfortable, and the lens will also easily fall out of the eyes due to lack of moisture.
  • After removing the lens, add 1-2 drops on each side to re-hydrate the eye. At this time, other eye drops can be applied.

NOTE: During the wearing time, only use specialized eye drops for contact lenses. Do not arbitrarily use other types. Do not ignore the correct identification of the lens face, it is necessary to understand this step to minimize eye damage.

  • Don't ignore the correct identification of the lens face, it is necessary to understandmthis step to minimize the damage.

  • Don't share contact lenses with others to ensure eye safety. There are some cases of eye disease of the person A that can affect person B if used together.
  • Do not wear contact lenses when swimming (into the water), or in close contact with high temperature places/objects (when eating barbecue, hot pot,...).
  • If you wear lenses when it rains, avoid letting rain water get into your eyes because it will be very painful at this time (rainwater has acid and dirt,...). You should find shelter if the rain is too heavy.
  • If there is dust in the eye, blink gently, the dust will fall off by itself, absolutely do not rub because it will scratch the cornea.
  • If you do not have a lens wear device, you need to wash your hands thoroughly and do not let your nails come into contact with the lens, only use the flesh of your finger to put on / remove the lens (to avoid scratching the cornea or tearing the lens).
  • Don't skip the eye drop step, eye drops can help clean your eyes if dust gets in accidentally. At the same time, balance moisture for both eyes and lenses.


1. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Is it okay to wear lenses to sleep?

=> Do not wear lenses to sleep even though the type of lens you are using is a 24h Silicone Hydrogel. Because during sleep, your eyes will need to relax and actively exchange oxygen after a day of "hard work". Wearing contact lenses overnight will impede this process, as well as the dirt deposited on the lens throughout the day, which will be an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

2. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Is wearing a nearsighted lenses harmful?

=> Wearing lenses will not cause any harm or side effects to your eyes, if you choose lenses in a reputable store and use lenses properly.

3. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Is it okay to wear expired lenses?

=> Wearing expired lenses will cause many serious consequences for the eyes including: allergies, conjunctivitis, corneal erosion... Should buy a new pair of contact lenses right away!

4. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ How to preserve the lens when there is no water to soak?

=> In case when going out and there is no soaking water to preserve contact lenses, you can use eye drops to soak the lenses. Then look to buy soaking water at major eyewear stores and pharmacies in the area to buy it right away.

5. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐What is the expiry date of contact lenses after opening the seal?

=> Usually 1 year. However, Angel Eyes always recommend that you only use up to 50% of the shelf life of the lenses since opening.

6. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ How old can be wear contact lenses?

=> This one, you don't need to worry. Age has no effect on the ability to wear contact lenses. The most important thing is how to properly store and care for the lens. Angel Eyes always encourage customers aged 16 and over to use contact lenses because at this age, we will be more conscious of eye health protection, as well as have more knowledge about eyes and contact lenses.

7. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Can use the dry and hard lenses?

=> The answer is NO! Because now a lot of the water crystals that help make up the lens's plasticity are dead. Re-soaking your contact lenses to soften and put them back on will make your eyes feel uncomfortable at the contact points where the water crystals have died. As well as the gas exchange rate of the lens has also been greatly reduced.


One of the most popular places to buy nearsighted lenses today is Angel Eyes Contact Lens. Angel Eyes products are imported directly from Korea, have the safety certificate of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, are favored by millions of customers during 7 years of operation.

ANGEL EYES' Store at 501 Huynh Van Banh Street, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, TP HCM

The certificate of the Ministry of Health for Angel Eyes' Contact Lens Products

Here, in addition to all lenses /contact lens models available with myopia, you can also be consulted by Angel Eyes' friendly and dedicated staff on models that suit your own style. In addition, Angel Eyes also supports contact lens wearing instructions for those who are new to wearing them for the first time, only from 10-30 minutes, you can wear lenses proficiently.

In addition, Angel Eyes also offer door-to-door delivery (within the day) nationwide when you need to buy lenses in central districts, including Go Vap, Binh Tan, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, ...

With a nationwide branch network, Angel Eyes is ready to serve and help your eyes become brighter and more beautiful

Angel Eyes Contact Lens' Store

For all customers who use contact lens products at Angel Eyes, the company supports 1 to 1 warranty support for defective products from the manufacturer in the first 2 weeks. During the use process, Angel Eyes always monitors and enthusiastically cares for and guides customers. With these benefits, Angel Eyes is a reputable lens store that you cannot ignore!

Let's save the information of Angel Eyes Contact Lens:

501 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Opening hours: 8:30am - 9:00pm (Monday - Saturday) | 8:30am - 8:00pm (Sunday)

Hotline: 0932 004 221

Phone: 028 6264 7008


Fanpage: Angel Eyes Contact Lens


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