"Fuji Gray" - Natural Smoky Gray Contact Lens

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Fuji Gray is a super natural western smoky gray contact lens. This is an extremely suitable lens model for new girls to wear, because with a super small color diameter (only 12.8mm) that makes it easy to wear, easy to remove, and extremely convenient. In addition, Fuji Gray contact lenses are made of Silicone Hydrogel material, which supports gas exchange in the eyes 7 times more than normal lenses, helping to prevent eyes from drying out when worn.


Color Diameter (GDIA) 12.8mm
Protection against UV rays UVA & UVB
Myopia from 0 to 8 degree
Material Silicone Hydrogel
Wearing time 12-24h/day




   - Ophthalmologists recommend NOT wearing contact lenses overnight. Any contact lens advertised as an overnight sleeper has the potential to cause vision loss and corneal ulcers for users.

   - Clients who have had corneal surgery in less than 6 months SHOULD NOT use contact lenses.

   - When there are eye symptoms such as: eye pain, itching, discomfort, tearing, red eyes, blurred vision, decreased or blurred vision, rainbow or halo, glare, dry eyes, glasses must be removed and STOP USE to consult professionals.


How to use the contact lenses?

How to wear contact lenses?

  • Should wear contact lenses before makeup, if the powder accidentally falls into the eyes, gently pick up the cotton swab and remove the dust, and at the same time drop the eyes, avoid making small water run out, it will wash away the makeup.

  • Before putting contact lenses in your eyes, you should drop eye drops, or put 1 drop into the lens to keep it moist, making it easier for the lens to stick to your eyes. Do not skip the step of eye drops for lenses, because eye drops when wearing lenses can help clean your eyes if accidentally dust gets in. At the same time, eye drops for lens wearers also help balance moisture for both eyes and lenses.

  • If you do not have a contact lens device, you need to wash your hands thoroughly and do not let your fingernails come into contact with the lens, use only the flesh of your finger to wear the lens (to avoid scratching the cornea or tearing the lens).

How to remove contact lenses?

  • Before removing contact lenses, you should add 1-2 drops in each eye to re-moisturize the cornea & contact lenses.
  • If you do not have a lens removal tool, you need to wash your hands thoroughly and do not let your nails come into contact with the lens, only use the flesh of your finger to remove the lens (to avoid scratching the cornea or tearing the lens).
  • After removing contact lenses, add 1-2 drops on each side to re-hydrate eyes. At this time, other eye drops can be instilled.
  • Contact lenses, when removed from the eye, should be immediately placed in a lens tray containing fresh soaking solution. You should make it a habit to put your contact lenses in the correct L or R tray for each left or right eye. This is especially important for those who wear contact lenses with the deviation between the eyes.


How to take care the contact lens?
  • When removing contact lenses from the vial/blister, it is recommended to soak the lenses for 4 hours with the soaking solution to remove the preservative in the water from the contact lens vial/blister.
  • If the near-offset, notice on the cover of the lens tray with the letters L (Left - Left), and R (Right - Right). Just put the contact lens on the right side.
  • After each time you wear contact lenses, you should change the soaking water, always keep the soaking water clean & clear, because if there is dirt and dust, the lens will be very easily scratched, this time it will be very hard to wear. In case you do not use contact lenses every day, you also need to pay attention to change the soaking water every other day to clean the lenses.


  • At Angel Eyes, you are guaranteed 1 for 1 in the first 2 weeks from the date of purchase in case of manufacturer defect. Customers who receive the goods, please check the goods carefully.

  • The warranty does not cover the case of tearing the lens, scratching the lens due to the subjective use of the user.


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   - Two weeks warranty for all products.

   - Customers are allowed to change another model if the seal has not been removed.

   - With thoughtful and completely free advice, very suitable for those of you who are getting used to contact lenses, you will be able to wear glasses without any bad effects.

   - Regular promotions for loyal customers.

   - Owning high-quality contact lenses with clear origin and certified by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.



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