N'ROSA - Premium Lens Tray

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The N'ROSA mirror tray kit makes wearing eye lenses or cleaning lenses more neat and quick, with a unique and colorful shape. There is also a small mirror inside, which is convenient for editing anytime, anywhere.

Angel Eyes specializes in providing wholesale and retail accessories for small mirror trays, animal mirror trays or mirror trays for contact lenses or transparent lenses. Currently, Angel Eyes Contact Lens has many types of mirror trays with many different designs and patterns at extremely favorable prices and good quality on the market.

Mirror tray with contact lens storage function, more convenient when you can take your contact lenses anywhere.

The kit includes the following accessories:

       - 1 small lens tray. Tray for soaking solution when not using contact lenses, to protect the lenses, as well as to help clean the dirt on the lens surface during long-term use.

      - 1 lens tweezers, each part of the tweezers covered rubber to avoid scratching or tearing the lens.

      - The hard stick is also attached with a rubber tip, which helps prevent bacteria from entering the lens, causing keratitis for the eyes.

Products are ordered by Angel Eyes Contact Lens according to individual needs, so the product is good, lead-free and colorless, safe for the preservation of your contact lenses.

Video tutorial for using contact lenses - Angel Eyes Contact Lens


Through the instructional video clip, you will have an intuitive and vivid view of how to wear lenses correctly and recognize more important notes in the process of using contact lenses, safe for your eyes and always confident, comfortable when wearing the lens.


- Two weeks warranty for all products.
- Customers are allowed to change another model if the seal has not been removed.
- With thoughtful and completely free advice, very suitable for those of you who are getting used to contact lenses, you will be able to wear glasses without any bad effects.
- Regular promotions for loyal customers.
- Owning high-quality contact lenses with clear origin and certified by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. 


1. Delivery to your place: Just call the hotline 0932 004 221 to order.

Customers pay immediately upon receipt of goods.

2. Sending goods by post: Just call hotline 0932 004 221 to order.

Customers will pay by bank transfer via the following 2 bank accounts:
- Vietcombank Ho Chi Minh City: Account holder Tran Thi Anh. Account number:1028295547.
- ACB Ho Chi Minh City: Account holder Tran Thi Anh. Account number: 190207778701016.
Customers will receive the goods after 1-3 working days from the successful transfer payment.

3. Buy directly at 501 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC for thoughtful advice and support.

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